About Kashwakamak Lakeside Cottages

PeteAlice.jpgPete comes from a farming background and farming and operating machinery has always been his passion. I (Alice) have been blessed to have been able to be a stay at home mom and raise our four children.

As our family grew we worked together doing lawn maintenance at our church and the seniors residence behind it. It was important to us to do a good job and make sure everything looked nice and was pleasing to eye.

I was also making cakes from our home, and took on some cleaning jobs as well to make some extra spending money.

Pete started to gain interest in cooking and I loved to make a pretty table setting and together we volunteered with cooking dinners for fundraising events for our church and school as well as some youth retreats.

As you can see so far the love of hospitality was growing in both of us.

Like so many, we had a vision to "get away" and run a Cottage Resort where we could hone our hospitality skills and enjoy a new lifestyle.

I approached Pete with my dream and he offered to entertain the idea if I came up with a property and a business plan. By the time he came home from work that day, I had found the perfect property and I had done my best to write out how it would all work out. We went to look at that property the following week. That was 12 years ago.

That particular property wasn't meant to be and neither were the five or six others we looked at in the years to follow.

Fast forward to 2015. Our kids have all grown and moved out of our house. My dream has grown to become Pete's dream as well and he would spend time online searching the web for a place that spoke home to him.

Pete found Kashwakamak Lake in North eastern Ontario. It had a lot of the criteria that we were hoping for. A nice clean lake, well kept cottages and property, a nice comfortable year round home, and not too far away from our children and family. He later shared this find with me and I was quite impressed.

We were excited to view it and fell in love right away. The thought of our dream actually becoming a reality was quite scary, it was a big move even though we had dreamed about it for so long.

We made an offer, which included a long closing as we had a lot to get in order in Niagara for this to work. A few hiccups happened during that time which forced us to back out of the deal. Our hearts were torn. Perhaps it was not what was meant to be? 

We worked on changing our mindset again to staying in Niagara and perhaps finding a different reality for our dream. However, we couldn't get Kashwakamak Lake out of our thoughts and decided to revisit the idea. We put in a new offer and here we are.

We made the move in mid September 2016. We invited all our family for a "Come see where we're at" weekend and we're very excited to welcome 27 of them for a couple days.

We had some beautiful fall weather in October and November and Pete's parents did a full overhaul on the flowerbeds and some overgrown shrubbery. Meanwhile, Pete and I worked in the yard and built new decks on Dude's Den and Casa Lina. We also fixed up 3 of the docks before winters snow drove us indoors.

We look forward to spring when we will be able to get everything in tip top shape for you. We're excited to make our little dream resort a place you will love too. 

Can't wait to meet you in opening season!

Pete & Alice

July 13, 2020 Update

Wow! What a year 2020 has turned out to be so far. We are in our fourth season of business and we are practically fully booked for the summer and well on the way to being full for 2021. Just over a month ago we were uncertain whether or not we would be allowed to open because of the restrictions with the Covid pandemic. But we were able to open and we are busier than ever. We have had a lot of wonderful guests over the first years here and have had all wonderful reviews and comments and even made a lot of new friends. We are thankful that we have been blessed with such a positive response to what we are offering here at Kashwakamak Lakeside Cottages. We continue to make improvements and additions to make your vacation experience  comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you if you have made Kashwakamak Lakeside Cottages your "go to" vacation destination and if you have come in the past but are an explorer and like to discover all that this beautiful country has to offer. There is definitely a lot of beautiful places to go and see. Also thank you to those who have recommended us to your friends and family, we appreciate that very much. We are enjoying this summer and our guests here once again and we look forward to meeting more new people in the years to come.

God Bless

Your Hosts

Pete & Alice Spyker